另外,「Hyphen」讀音為「high-fun」,希望能為大家帶來正面能量,引出「stay high and fun」的生活態度。


希望能使在Hyphen的每一位,可以暫時拋下生活、工作壓力,享受專屬的派對時光,stay high and fun!

Hyphen’s Philosophy

“Hyphen”, as a punctuation mark in English to join words. 

We aim to become a connection platform for people. In addition, “Hyphen” is pronounced as “high” and “fun”.


We hope to bring positive energy to everyone, and bring out the attitude of “stay high and fun".


We hope everyone in Hyphen can temporarily put aside life and work pressure, enjoy exclusive party time, and stay high and fun!

關於 Hyphen Party Room

Hyphen有九龍灣鑽石山分店,室內裝修主為藍白北歐現代風格, 每間的開放空間佔地2600呎,各可容納超過120人!

特大場地空間,配有各種專業設施、娛樂設備,令Hyphen不單是party room,更可成為私人求婚/生日派對、公司團隊培訓、節目拍攝的理想場地。

About Hyphen Party Room

Hyphen has Kowloon Bay and Diamond Hill branches, which are designed in North European style with blue and white as the main tone. Over 120 guests could be fit into our 2600 feet open area.


The large venue space, various professional facilities and entertainment equipment, make Hyphen not only a party room, but also an ideal venue for private marriage proposal/birthday party, company team building and program/video shooting.