「Stay high and fun」是 Hyphen 的品牌理念,我們致力營造一個輕鬆而具創造力的工作環境,著重培育員工正面的價值觀和適切的工作技能。透過保持有效率的溝通和良好的工作氛圍,讓員工與 Hyphen 共同成長,為客人引出「stay high and fun」的生活態度!

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Hyphen's brand philosophy is "Stay high and fun". We are committed to creating a relaxed and creative work environment, focusing on fostering employees' positive values and appropriate work skills. By maintaining efficient communication and a good working atmosphere, let employees grow with Hyphen together, eliciting a "stay high and fun" lifestyle for the guests!




- 場地管理

- 保持場地整潔

- 解答客人疑難, 提供良好場地體驗



- 主動溝通, 親切友善

- 具責任心, 勤奮

- 可獨立工作, 具解難能力

- 大專生優先

PS. 可接急更及通宵工作會加分哦!

工作地點: 鑽石山 / 九龍灣

薪金: $50-60/hr 



WhatsApp 9268 5881 查詢職位申請詳情

Job Application

Branch Assistant (Part Time)

Job Duties

- Venue Management

- Venue Clean Maintenance

- Customers Service

Job Requirements

- Active communication, kind and friendly

- Responsible, hardworking

- Can work independently and solve problems

- University students are preferred

PS. Overnight work and immediate availability are bonus.


Work Venue: Diamond Hill / Kowloon Bay

Salary: $50-60/hr 

*Need to work OVERNIGHT if necessary


Application Method: 

WhatsApp 9268 5881 for more job application details